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Saalbach Create Six Senior Level Roles Across Investments

Saalbach Private Equity is delighted to announce the creation of six new senior level roles across its investments. Due to the growth and expansion of the portfolio, Saalbach is looking to recruit two new non-executive directors to represent key shareholders’ interests within a portfolio of 8 businesses.

Alongside these posts, they are also looking to appoint a Divisional HR Business Partner and Divisional Finance Director to assist in people services and financial management of a group ofbusinesses specifically in the recruitment/HR space and also manufacturing/engineering.

Commenting Paul Seabridge Jt CEO said “Any business is only as good as it’s people and that’s why we at Saalbach ensure we get the right people in place in the businesses in which we acquire and invest. It is often said that the customer is king, and whilst I agree with this, I would also say that the people we employ within our business interests are the most important, which is why the appointment of an additional senior HR Business Partner shows our commitment to investing in people and ensuring they have the tools, resources and investment to allow them to grow and carry

out their role to the best of their ability.”

There are many financial challenges faced for many SMEs and one of those challenges is gaining access to capital to allow them to grow.

Commenting Jt CEO Jordan Hastie said “Cashflow or lack of it, is commonly the biggest reason why businesses fail is. Ensuring robust financial controls are in place alongside real time reporting information is vital for us in the businesses we get involved in.

The real time information is what helps us make investment decisions and manage the flow of cash more effectively. This is why we are looking to bring onboard an additional Finance Director to work across our people services and engineering groups”.

According to research from the Department for Business, 99.9% of the 5.7 million businesses in the U.K. are SMEs, accounting for 60% of all private sector workforce and a combined annual turnover of £2.0 trillion, 52% of all private sector turnover.

Saalbach Equities are a Asia based Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity Firm with interests in the UK, SE Asia and North America and owned by entrepreneurs Paul Seabridge and Jordan Hastie and backed by a £1bn hedge fund.

They are focused on investing in and acquiring profitable, established SMEs with £5-50m revenues in the recruitment & HR, engineering and manufacturing, construction, marketing/advertising/PR and caravan and camping sectors.

Get in contact via if you have any businesses you would consider selling or acquisitions that you would like to partner on.

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