Our vision is to create enterprise & growth across the SMEs we invest & acquire. We are building a $1bn group of companies that we can deploy our expertise to create growth. The stats show a challenging picture for SMEs – in the UK for example:


94% of startups fail in the first 5 years

1% makes it to £1m revenue

0.1% make it to £10m revenue


The chances of success are slim, but even when you get there accessing capital to grow is challenging. Banks usually want personal securities & typical private equity usually expect a large chunk for in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of capital.


You don't know, what you don't know. At Saalbach we know how to invest in and grow businesses in a large proportion of sectors. We are built around three principle values that are led around everything we do

Investing in People

Business isn't rocket science, its all about people and processes. Without putting the right people and specialists in the right places, achieiving targets can be extremely difficult. At Saalbach our acquisitions are full of smart, ambitious, eager and hard working individuals, all treated equally with the upmost respect. We believe in our people and it goes a long way to say the least.

Maintaining to be learning machines

Each and everyday you learn something new. Among the extensive experience of Saalbach and its investor partners, we all preach to keep topping up knowledge, skills, resources and know-how.

Hard, Smart Work

Saalbach Equities is comitted to achieving great excellence across the board. The best acquisitions made possible, smart investments in the right sectors, with the innovative ambition within the team to keep striding in the right direction. Efficient execution in our acquisitions and unleashing the potential in them is what we are all about.